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How Tarot Resonates in the World – The Surfer Card — November 13, 2016

How Tarot Resonates in the World – The Surfer Card

14189577-illustration-of-tropical-sea-surfer-and-palms-at-sunset-stock-vectorI spoke in front of a group of people recently with a general theme of getting through life and using spiritual tools to help us achieve our life goals.  This was not a metaphysical crowd but when I mentioned that I was a tarot reader one of the women in the group talked about a time she had heard me speak in the past and I had talked about a particular tarot card that had inspired her.  The card was the “Surfer” – the “Man of Cups” (King of Pentacles) from Dr. James Wanless’s Voyager Tarot.  I was astounded because it had been many years since that first speech but I, too remembered that reference.  Such is the power of tarot!

If you are not familiar with the Voyager Tarot, it is a really cool and useful version of the tarot.  The deck and its accompanying guidebook Way of the Great Oracle “blends shamanism, psychology, art, and mythology into a modern ritual for self-creation” as noted on the back cover.  James calls it a GPS for the soul and I think that is an apt analogy.  The cards are not classic medieval characters but rather collages of objects that represent the energies of each tarot card and the Man of Cups happens to depict a surfer riding the emotional waves of life.  I have always loved that image.  For me it’s quintessentially what we are trying to achieve in our lives.  We need to learn how not only to accept the way things are in the world but how to rise above the very things that would defeat us and ‘surf’ towards the best reality we can conceivably co-create.

To be honest I had forgotten what tarot energy that card was actually meant to show in Dr. Wanless’s tarot.  I would have guessed it as any of the kings (or Man cards) and especially the King of Wands.  I think it can represent any of the top cards in the suits because they are the cards of mastery.  There is much allusion to achieving balance in the tarot and the Man cards, or kings, indicate that we have surmounted the difficulties inherent in each suit whether it be our intellect, our physical reality, our ambition or our emotions.  Isn’t that the whole point – or at least part of the process of learning lessons here in Earth School?

Tonight we have a full moon in Taurus and she will be a super-moon, so she will be attracting attention from everyone whether they are into new age concepts or they just like to stare at a big, pretty moon.  Even though super moons can be emotional, this moon is in Taurus (yes, we are in the time of Scorpio but that is the sun sign) so the earth elements of Taurus will bring about a grounding and calming effect.  That’s a perfect way to ride the emotional waves, especially here in the U.S. where we just experienced a huge outpouring of intense and often negative energies surrounding the elections.

Today ask yourself what wave you need to ride.  Whether it is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual decide what energy you are called upon to surf and get out there and catch that wave!

Blessings – Mary Ellen


The Luck and Challenge of “Seven” — September 7, 2016

The Luck and Challenge of “Seven”

Here are a few thoughts about the energy of seven, specifically about the Seven of Cups.  Today is September 7th but that is not why seven is on my mind.  I started to ponder seven quite deeply last week when I started a new card-of-the day regimen to take me through to the end of the year and I drew the 7 of Cups three times in  a row right out of the starting gate!

For real, Universe?

OK, I’m an astute enough reader of tarot and student of metaphysics to understand when the universe is really trying to tell me something.  I’m going to try and take this from the basics to understand it and the first things to focus on here are the elements that are being presented in this card – the energy of the number seven and the energy of the suit of cups.

Before I proceed any further with  my exploration here, let me interject by giving you an overview of recent life events for me.  For years I have longed for the opportunity to do my own thing with my tarot career and writing/editing as a full-time gig without spending a huge chunk of my week earning a living.  Recently the ‘cosmic tumblers’ abruptly made that dream into a reality for me.  No, I didn’t win the lottery (as if!) so I still need to generate income.

So back to drawing the Seven of Cups three times in a row.  Let’s start with the numerology of seven.  Sevens are challenge numbers.  Lots of people consider seven to be a lucky number because of the aura of chance and change it projects.  In thumbing through a few of my books on numerology I also find that sevens like alone time and the freedom to indulge in contemplation, seven energy does not find its success in ordinary circumstances, and knowledge is power for sevens.  But seven is about contemplation of action as well.  Okay, that all makes sense in context with recent life events.

What about the suit of cups in tarot which represents our emotional journey?  Well, there are certainly some emotions involved in suddenly and unexpectedly taking early retirement!  Some of those are a little on the negative side  – the words fear and anxiety come immediately to mind – and some of them are frankly quite joyous.  (Hurray!! The day is finally here!!)

So now let’s view the actual card.  (I generally work from the frame of reference of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith  or RWS.)  The Seven of Cups shows seven cups, or ‘chalices’ floating before the shadowed image of a man.  Emerging from the cups are various possibilities…a fair-faced human head, a mysteriously veiled being, a snake, a castle, a pile of gemstones, a victory wreath, and a dragon.


So, what are all of those images all about?  As part of my in-depth card study I usually refer to an assortment of meanings as described by my tarot ‘mentors’ – all the amazing folks in the tarot world who have written books about tarot.  My bookshelves are groaning with books about tarot.  I have chosen three authors specifically for my current study and for each card I read the meanings as these authors have described them.  Here is a short summary of the meanings:

The need to choose between options but find what is grounded in reality, imagining possibilities and rehearsing what is required to achieve them, seeker is at crossroads.  There is a danger of not taking action to make one’s vision into reality.

Well, now.

I do not think tarot could have spoken any more clearly to me.  Here is how I take the meaning of this special three-times-in-a-row draw.  The first draw shows my current status of being at a crossroads in life and working on manifesting the next stage, the second draw warns me of the danger of letting my daydreams go idle and not creating action plans to support them (could use some wands energy here) and the third draw promises that once I select a cup and make an action plan, I will be able to see it replicated in the earth plane.  At least, that’s what I’d like to believe!

Wish me luck!

Mary Ellen Speaks — November 8, 2015

Mary Ellen Speaks


Hi folks.  I’m finally kick-starting my blog and I’m going to keep it real simple for this first go-round.  (Mostly because I wrote a nice, long, elegant post and forgot to save it so this is the gist of it.)

Here is a list of my intentions regarding this blog:

  • I want to practice my writing.
  • I want to talk about tarot  – but not necessarily just about tarot – and life in general.
  • I want to communicate information about my tarot events so that my clients and students can keep track of me.
  • I also want to talk about other things on my mind such as how female spirituality can evolve beyond the mysogynistic tendencies of organized religions, my views on gun control and what’s going on with the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Outlander.

There may be more, but never less.

Here is a prayer for today from the 24 Hours a Day daily devotional:

“I pray that all who come in contact with me will feel better for it.  I pray that I may be careful not to harbor those things in my heart that put people off.”

PS – I’ll be doing readings at the upcoming Psychic Fair in Stuart on Sunday, November 22.  I’ll link up the site as soon as it’s available.


Another Blog is Born — October 2, 2008

Another Blog is Born


So.  Here is yet another blog for the world to digest. I’ll keep it simple for this debut post by setting forth my intentions in creating a blog.

  • I want to practice writing.
  • I want to provide a resource for my tarot clients and students to connect with me and what is happening in my life.  However, that said let me clarify that…
  • I want to create a blog that is often a tarot blog but just as likely to not be a tarot blog but will, however, often harbor references to tarot just to stay in the game.
  • I want to publish my tarot rates, contact information and upcoming events.
  • I want to use blogging as an outlet for the partial essays that seem to appear in my mind unbidden, undeveloped, unwritten and unshared.
  • I want a place to talk about really important things like what’s happening on the Walking Dead and why you can’t ever have too many black shirts in your closet.
  • I want to connect with my own personal power and hopefully encourage others to do so as well (this is a miniature version of my personal mission statement – great topic for a future blog!)

I may change or elaborate as I go along, but for now I think that will do it.  I plan to blog two to three times per month.

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